April 28, 2011


This week we continue our ongoing series of discussions with leading design experts about the state of the wallcovering industry.  Bob (Bobby) Higgins is associated with Sterling Decor Concepts and RJHiggins and Associates, representing International & Fine Decorating Products.  According to Bobby, the most important new trends in wallcovering are: Green and Lean.  Green refers to the ecologically sound materials associated with wallpapers today and Lean refers to the ease of wallpaper installation and the ease of removal.

Bobby Higgins, Wallcovering Guru

Bobby has decades of experience in the wallcovering industry and is always on the lookout for new trends.  He travels the world on a quest to find the next big wallcovering 'thing'.  And, following are some of his sound bite observations regarding the wallpaper of today:
  • The design community is gravitating back to wallcovering
  • Wallpaper is being used as a design focal point on single walls v. an entire room
  • Textures are 'in' from mosaics to faux finishes to suedes and tactile stucco and other natural looks that make a design statement but are kind to the environment
  • New wallcovering materials and supplies make it a virtual snap to install and de-install wallpaper--Easy Up Easy Down
  • Natural fibers are big--Grasscloth and cork in particular
  • Wallcovering is timeless
  • Big Colors--Turquoise/Spa Blue/Purple/Yellow/White
  • The new demographic--kids love wallpaper--it is 'new' to them
  • Retro looks are big--circles-geometric shapes
  • Tone on Tone with texture is the new neutral
  • Future trends--wallpaper is back to stay--consumers are recognizing the enhanced value wallpaper adds to a home and the warmth wallcovering adds to a decorating scheme
  • 20-30% of wallcovering is now purchased on the Internet
  • Designers are turning their attention to creating new wallpaper looks. Two big names in wallcovering design are Candice Olson and April Cornell 
So, wait no more.  Check out your local wallpaper store--yes, there are still some stores that actually stock product and they tend to offer great pricing deals--or do a web search.  Either way, you are in for a treat--wonderful products in many different styles and colors. You  are sure to find something that will truly enhance your personal decor.  

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