June 1, 2011

Creative Uses for Wallpaper--Decorated Dumpsters

Over 105 years in the wallcovering business, we have heard about a lot of creative uses for wallpaper, but perhaps none as unique as a project started by a California-based artist, Christine Finley.  To quote Finley,  "I will use the wallpaper from FLOW (For the Love of Wallpaper) to continue wallpapering dumpsters around the world. Here is some info about the project..."

"Wallpapered Dumpsters transform environmental activism into unexpected beauty. This project is an inquiry into urban waste, free art, and notions of femininity, beauty and domesticity. Inspired by free and accessible art the artist states, "If we see dumpsters as works of art, we have raised consciousness."  

The project has been the subject of extensive press coverage including a comprehensive review by The New York Times, which included photos from around the world of decorated dumpsters.  

Following are an assortment of photos that capture the essence of the project.  Garbage dumpsters no more, they are now the proper repositories of the castaways that define our lives.

Decorated Dumpsters

  Wallpaper As Art Form

Just when you thought you had seen it all
There comes an idea that sounds a clarion call

Wallpaper can be used to brighten a room
But it also has potential to reclaim a tomb

On dumpsters so naughty and nice
They feed the homeless and the mice

But when you a decorative redux give
Suddenly the trash heap has a new life to live

As a work of art that looks mighty fine
‘Tis surely a promising environmental sign

That people do care about surrounding space
Enough to dress up a dumpster with a brand new face

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