January 28, 2011

U.S. Wallcovering Launches e-commerce Site

For the Lovc of Wallpaper.com Goes Live

U.S. Wallcovering has been in business for over a century and has continued to adhere to the principles originally promoted by its founder,  Abraham Levine--provide the best quality merchandise, offer the best value and support it all with the best customer service.  As U.S. Wallcovering made changes, those changes were always tied to what customers were asking for.  And, now, customers are asking for alternative shopping options.  U.S. Wallcovering has listened and we have just launched an e-commerce site to support our basic store at www.uswallcoveringonline.com.  The new store can be reached at http://www.fortheloveofwallpaper.com.  We still have a ways to go in terms of site enhancement and product category completion but it is a start. We welcome your feedback.

Lapland Here I Come

In my quest to seek out unique wallpaper patterns from around the world I am off to Lapland to check out the wallpaper offerings north of the Arctic Circle.  Might be hard to wallpaper a reindeer-hide tent but wallpaper would be a nice antidote for a landscape covered in white for much of the year.  I am told they are experiencing one of the coldest winter's in recent memory with average temperatures hovering around zero. There is a special Winter Market held every year for the past 400 years that draws people from around the world to delight in the beautiful landscape, shop for Sami people crafts, listen to lectures and view exhibitions, sample some reindeer meat, ride a dogsled, stay in an Ice Hotel and otherwise enjoy the special charm of Lapland in Winter.  I promise to share some of my white on white photos when I return.  While I am running about in my Michelin-man down coat this blog will be vacationing as well for two weeks.  When we come back it is off to the zoo snap some of those animal print patterns next to the real thing.

In the meantime, stay warm.


Lapland in Winter

The cold north beckons
With snow and ice I reckons

And temperatures that define cold
You have to be of a certain mold

To see beyond the frost and limited sun
This is not a place to sit on you bun

But rather a land where one is in constant motion
In order to prevent frostbite if one had such a notion

So, off I go loaded with objects of goose down
Enough to keep any a frozen face from a frown

January 20, 2011

Honeysuckle is Hot

It's official: Honeysuckle is the Color of the Year.  A cross between pink and rose, this is a color that brings warmth into any room.  Honeysuckle has been named the 2011 Color of the Year by Pantone which is a company recognized as THE color experts and the developer of the Pantone Matching System color chart used by designers worldwide.  Articles in recent newspapers and trade journals have confirmed the selection of Honeysuckle.  To quote an article from the Akron Beacon Journal, "Honeysuckle is a reddish pink with a blue undertone.  It's stimulating, yet not as aggressive or passionate as red.  It's also somewhat complex." Think of using it in a breakfast room or a small powder room, a child's room or a multi-purpose space.  If you are concerned about wallpapering an entire wall with this color, consider using a border in Honeysuckle as a way to bring this color into your living space without having to redo your decor. It works as well with deep colors as it does with soft pastels and neutrals.

The picture below features a patterned wallpaper in a dining area.  Perfect in a place by the ocean or any body of water or in a country cottage set in a forest.

Honeysuckle colored wallpaper warms up a dining space.  

Browns Borders Sell Out.  The response to our blog reference to Cleveland Browns border has been terrific.  We had a limited supply of this hard-to-find border, but, don't despair--we are getting more. 

Honeysuckle Rose

Honeysuckle is the color of the year
So says Pantone, do you hear

With warm tones and subtle shade
'Tis a color that with time does not fade

But rather always looks spiffy and new
What a wonderful and sunny pleasing hue

January 13, 2011

Animal Kingdom

Photo Credit Don Iannone Photography
Well, I promised a picture from the zoo displaying some animal print wallpapers and borders alongside the real deal and that zoo picture will be coming up soon but this photo was just Too Good.  Many thanks to Don Iannone, a fabulous photographer, for capturing this image of a coyote on a frozen Lake Erie in Bratenahl, OH.  Pretty impressive.  Just 10 minutes from downtown Cleveland, Bratenahl also boasts deer and red fox and an interesting array of migratory birds.  Check out the Bratenahl website at http://www.bratenahlplace.com

Still on the animal theme,  we have received a number of requests recently for wallcoverings featuring horses.  There are many wallpaper and border patterns featuring horses of all sizes and activity from galloping stallions to prancing foals but one of my favorites is a set of horse decals that can be affixed to any surface and are totally removable and changeable.  The picture featured below is of decals installed on a child's playroom window in Bethesda, MD and the five year old little girl applied the images herself.  How easy is that.

Enjoy what winter has to offer and dream of spring.

Animal Kingdom

It's that time of year for snow and ice
Wouldn't a ride on a horse be nice

A frozen tundra on Lake Erie
After a few weeks it makes one dreary

A roving coyote can spice up the white
But beware, he may choose to fight

A camera lens is a safe bet
To ensure his appetite you do not whet