September 30, 2010


It is that time of year---Sports Time.  We've been promising some photos about your favorite sports teams and this is Round 1in what will be a 3 part-series on sporting teams.  Today we feature the Cleveland Indians as they just played their last at-home game of the season.  Though they have struggled off and on the field and have failed to reclaim the glory of the magical 90's they did end on a high note having won their last six games.  We can only hope this will lead into a strong 2011 start.  We have a phenomenal closer in Perez; we just need some strong starters.  The symbol of the Indians is Chief Wahoo and the photo below shows a copy of a Wahoo Fathead.  U.S. Wallcovering is the only source for this mural and the supplies are going quickly.  Wahoo Fathead is shown above a Wahoo blanket.  The ratios in the photo are a little distorted--the Fathead is actually four feet high.

Cleveland Indians fans range in age from the very young to the somewhat older.  The pictures below attest to that.

The first picture is of P.W. from Cleveland, OH.  He has a room covered with Indians logos and pictures and signed baseballs and bats and he recently stopped by the U.S. Wallcovering store to add to his collection.  He found some Wahoo Border and let slip that "This Border's going up despite my  wife's wishes".  Well, Mrs. W., we hope you are not too upset and we hope Mr. W. is enjoying his most recent Indians merchandise.

On the right P.W. of Cleveland, OH shows off his latest Indians' purchase--several rolls of Indians' Border.  He was wearing his Indians' hat and was properly color-coordinated with his shirt.  When he saw the Wahoo Fathead featured in the picture above he was going to go home and measure to see if there was any available space.  We have not seen him back in the store so I guess he couldn't make it fit.

Although we are featuring Indians' related materials in this week's Blog, we have a full range of products representing many sports teams and are capable of obtaining wallpapers and borders for just about any sports team in the nation.  

And, in Houston, Texas, there is a ten-year old Little Leaguer who has developed a strong passion for the Indians as well.

Noah's dad surprised him recently with a Red-White-Blue painted room with Wahoo Border above the chair-rail.  Complete with Wahoo blankets on the bunk beds, Indian's pennants and pictures, an Indians' rug on the floor, an Indians' alarm clock-radio, Indians' calendar and a huge Wahoo Fathead, this room is all about one of Cleveland's favorite teams.

There must be other Indians' fans out there who would like to share their special sports rooms so save up those digital photos and send them our way for inclusion in a future Blog come Spring Training time. 

In the meantime, let's make the transition to football. 
Our Blog next week will feature a large selection of Ohio State Buckeyes' wall offerings from Fatheads to Borders and beyond.  So, make sure you tune in to 'For the Love of Wallpaper' next Thursday.

Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Take me out to the ballgame is a famous song
Not too short and not too long

Just the perfect length with words so right
We can only hope the Indians will be all fight

Come next spring will be the season to win
So parents can take their next of kin

To games with many a grand slam
And not too many fans to say oh damn

September 23, 2010

Cleveland Unique Wallpaper Looks

Wallcovering offers an infinite number of unique design opportunities.   We are hearing from our customers that they would like to see specific examples of wallcovering used in creative ways to accomplish a design objective, so moving forward each blog will contain at least one picture of a special use of wallcovering.  

The image below is of a Dining Room in a lakeside high-rise in Cleveland Ohio where a small space
has been transformed through the application of three wallpaper images representing a window to a European-inspired landscape.  The ceiling is a wallcovering of a cloud pattern.  And, the walls are covered in a textured wallcovering that beautifully replicates old-world stucco.

The objective of creating an intimate dining setting that is straight out of the Tuscan hills is further enhanced through the careful selection of window and lighting treatments.

Make sure you check out next week's blog where we will feature sports-themed papers and borders to satisfy every fan's favorite teams. Entitled 'Game On' this blog will focus on Cleveland-area sports franchises but future blogs will be tied to major sporting events throughout the nation.

Poem of the Week

Wallcovering comes in different forms
Not all of which meet standard norms

A window here a door there
You can cover a surface that is now bare

With images that evoke time and place
Offering an alternative view of any space

So check out the photo on this page
What you see is a new wallcovering rage

September 16, 2010

Wallpaper is Back....So What?

Whether reading the latest design publication or viewing a television morning show interview with a famous interior designer, all indications are that Wallpaper is Back.  Well, So What?  The So What is the chance for YOU to do it your way or stated another way, Mi Whey.  No curdles with this whey--just the chance for YOU to design the most amazing room based on YOUR whim and fancy.  You can convert a digital photo of a sublime sunset or a dramatic climbing pitch or a serene seascape or a redwood forest or a favorite person or place or thing into your own personal mural or wallcovering pattern.  All it takes is the courage to try it.

And, if you're not yet ready to take the full plunge there are interim steps that can give you the feel for unleashing your inner creativity. Now that Wallpaper (or Wallcovering as it is commonly referred to by industry gurus) is Back, wallpaper/wallcovering designers are back at it--conjuring up the most amazing new patterns to grace your walls.  And some of those patterns come in small packages--individual decals of flowers, animals, trees, famous personalities, sports figures--all to apply to a wall or a ceiling or a dresser or a book or a cupboard or a refrigerator et al.  A future Blog will show some interesting applications for Wallpaper and Borders but for now just consider all the ways in which you can take the newly issued patterns and make them your own.
Some examples of individual decals

Another feature of the new Wallpaper industry is a commitment to producing the most ecologically sound products, ones that are toxin-free and utilize sustainable resources.  If you are driven by green, then wallcovering is your product.
The selection of grassscloths, seagrasses, and other very natural fibers in today's wallcovering is impressive and infinite.   Offered in varying textures, colors, fibers and density these materials work well in any room in your home and complement any decorating style.  Try classic taupe for a study, seafoam green for a bathroom, vibrant blue for a bedroom or dramatic red for a kitchen.  Your walls will reflect your concern with the environment.

And now are you ready for the comparison test?  Look at these two pictures using the same accessories--one against a white wall background and one against a wallpapered wall.  Which is your favorite?   

Poem for the Week:

Wallpaper is what
Now there are designs that are so hot

From glow-in-the-dark decals and things
To animals and dots and birds with wings

You have the change to engage in a new direction
One that provides the tools for a new design erection

Of a look that adds warmth and wow
Be prepared to take a well deserved bow

September 9, 2010

Google Visits US Wallcovering

Welcome to U.S. Wallcovering’s first ever Blog. We have been in business 105 years and Gary Levine, the current Owner, is the third generation Levine to head the operation. Here’s a picture of Gary describing his wallpaper hanging technique to an interested customer. Gary has made hanging paper as easy as 1-2-3 and he is sooo knowledgeable and sooo cool he has customers hanging on every word. Check him out in the photo below.
And 30 minutes later he is still demonstrating the accordion fold

We recently launched our new website,, and we are constantly making changes in response to customer feedback. Google was impressed with the amount of traffic to our site and they offered to come to Cleveland to photograph our showroom and post the findings on their business site. Pretty impressive stuff. We thought we would give you a pre-look at what you will see on Google. Below is a virtual tour of our 7,000 square foot showroom featuring some of the 4000 patterns we have in stock. Everything from hand prints to suedes to textures to embossed patterns to foils to grasscloths and other natural materials are featured in our vast inventory. We are the only wallpaper store in the Cleveland area with an impressive in-stock inventory. In fact, we have one of the largest on-hand wallpaper stocks of any retail store in the country. And yet, we are like Cleveland itself, a well-kept secret.

Just a small sampling of 3000 Wallpaper Patterns

And 1000 Border Patterns
We do things in a very low-key kind of way so this blog will not be all flash and dash but will be based on substance and the things that matter to you. This is a chance to tell us what is important to you and what you want to hear or learn more about relative to wallcovering. We will be updating our blog weekly with topics of serious and zany interest. Some upcoming blogs will feature Zoo Pictures matched with zoo print wallpaper patterns, a ‘Game On’ feature showcasing borders and wallpapers with a sporting theme, a guide to creating your own wallcovering pattern from a digital photo, a chance to select your favorite customer wall makeover, a wallpaper design contest, a wallpaper quiz with a Grand Prize of FREE wallcovering for an entire home and special articles written by guest writers.

Please respond to this Blog and tell us what you want to read about in future blogs. For every response we will issue a coupon worth an additional 20% off our already seriously discounted wallcovering products.

And, to make every blog unique, we will also offer a brief poem on a pertinent topic. Today’s poem is about How Wallpaper is Back.

Wallpaper is back so they say
‘Tis the dawning of a very creative way

One that offers patterns galore
To feed a hungry mass that wants still more

In order to make their homes a special place
With warmth and soul and a brand new face