September 9, 2010

Google Visits US Wallcovering

Welcome to U.S. Wallcovering’s first ever Blog. We have been in business 105 years and Gary Levine, the current Owner, is the third generation Levine to head the operation. Here’s a picture of Gary describing his wallpaper hanging technique to an interested customer. Gary has made hanging paper as easy as 1-2-3 and he is sooo knowledgeable and sooo cool he has customers hanging on every word. Check him out in the photo below.
And 30 minutes later he is still demonstrating the accordion fold

We recently launched our new website,, and we are constantly making changes in response to customer feedback. Google was impressed with the amount of traffic to our site and they offered to come to Cleveland to photograph our showroom and post the findings on their business site. Pretty impressive stuff. We thought we would give you a pre-look at what you will see on Google. Below is a virtual tour of our 7,000 square foot showroom featuring some of the 4000 patterns we have in stock. Everything from hand prints to suedes to textures to embossed patterns to foils to grasscloths and other natural materials are featured in our vast inventory. We are the only wallpaper store in the Cleveland area with an impressive in-stock inventory. In fact, we have one of the largest on-hand wallpaper stocks of any retail store in the country. And yet, we are like Cleveland itself, a well-kept secret.

Just a small sampling of 3000 Wallpaper Patterns

And 1000 Border Patterns
We do things in a very low-key kind of way so this blog will not be all flash and dash but will be based on substance and the things that matter to you. This is a chance to tell us what is important to you and what you want to hear or learn more about relative to wallcovering. We will be updating our blog weekly with topics of serious and zany interest. Some upcoming blogs will feature Zoo Pictures matched with zoo print wallpaper patterns, a ‘Game On’ feature showcasing borders and wallpapers with a sporting theme, a guide to creating your own wallcovering pattern from a digital photo, a chance to select your favorite customer wall makeover, a wallpaper design contest, a wallpaper quiz with a Grand Prize of FREE wallcovering for an entire home and special articles written by guest writers.

Please respond to this Blog and tell us what you want to read about in future blogs. For every response we will issue a coupon worth an additional 20% off our already seriously discounted wallcovering products.

And, to make every blog unique, we will also offer a brief poem on a pertinent topic. Today’s poem is about How Wallpaper is Back.

Wallpaper is back so they say
‘Tis the dawning of a very creative way

One that offers patterns galore
To feed a hungry mass that wants still more

In order to make their homes a special place
With warmth and soul and a brand new face


  1. Great Blog! Can hardly wait to read future postings. Fun and informative.

  2. looking forward to reading more about wallpaper and wallcoverings! thanks so much for this blog!

  3. Way to go. Finally, a wallcovering blog with humor.

  4. I want to know more about the accordion fold.

  5. A whale of a tale.

  6. Please send Gary to my house to demonstrate folding wallpaper at 10 PM (my bedtime) to help me fall asleep. Michael Salkind

  7. What a great blog! Very creative, and a great way to get people interested in wallpaper. I also love he name of the blog, For The Love Of Wallpaper. Can't wait to see the next blog.

  8. Thank you for making my day. Looking forward to the next post.

  9. Way to go! Watchout Twitter, Facebook and Amazon! A new wave is about to hit the internet. Great to see a new twist on a "old stanby" wallpaper. Look forward to more creative and exciting ways to make wallpaper trendy and a must have. In the mean time I will practice my folding technique!

  10. Remember That 1998 Park Avenue?October 2, 2010 at 4:11 PM

    2octubre2010 @ 1611hours WOW! Who knew? New respect for wallcoverings. Kudos! to the 'poet' (my favorite part) and the blog writer--you are truly starting something here--something worth reading. This is REALLY good stuff! Your use of numerous media will keep this blog fresh and interesting. Keep it coming ... till the next time!

  11. For the past several months, I have been in search of Miami Heat wallpaper. Please let me know when it becomes available.