September 23, 2010

Cleveland Unique Wallpaper Looks

Wallcovering offers an infinite number of unique design opportunities.   We are hearing from our customers that they would like to see specific examples of wallcovering used in creative ways to accomplish a design objective, so moving forward each blog will contain at least one picture of a special use of wallcovering.  

The image below is of a Dining Room in a lakeside high-rise in Cleveland Ohio where a small space
has been transformed through the application of three wallpaper images representing a window to a European-inspired landscape.  The ceiling is a wallcovering of a cloud pattern.  And, the walls are covered in a textured wallcovering that beautifully replicates old-world stucco.

The objective of creating an intimate dining setting that is straight out of the Tuscan hills is further enhanced through the careful selection of window and lighting treatments.

Make sure you check out next week's blog where we will feature sports-themed papers and borders to satisfy every fan's favorite teams. Entitled 'Game On' this blog will focus on Cleveland-area sports franchises but future blogs will be tied to major sporting events throughout the nation.

Poem of the Week

Wallcovering comes in different forms
Not all of which meet standard norms

A window here a door there
You can cover a surface that is now bare

With images that evoke time and place
Offering an alternative view of any space

So check out the photo on this page
What you see is a new wallcovering rage


  1. What a great looking space. i can hardly wait to check out sky patterns to use on my bedroom ceiling. Perhaps, I will add a few sheep for an interesting diversion.

    Design Maven

  2. love the color and texture in the yellow wallpaper very nice really makes the room vibrant

  3. I want to see more of this home. Looks pretty fantastic.

  4. I wish I had the ability to create a room as beautiful as the Cleveland hi-rise.

    Cynthia G.

  5. Cynthia G. You can create a room just like the Cleveland hi-rise. With all the current wallcovering options it is a snap to create whatever style or ambiance you wish. Just stop by your favorite walpaper store and select a stucco-like pattern for the walls and a cloud pattern for the ceiling. The three windows pattern might take a little searching but give me a call if you can't locate them. Have fun and be sure to post a picture of the finished product. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Wonderful room! Great idea. Combining the wallpapers brought a lot of interest into the room. I think being in the room could feel like being in Tuscany.