October 21, 2010

The Best Cleveland Dim Sum-The Best Cleveland Wallpaper

I know I promised a 3-part series on sports wallpaper and borders but, I was so discouraged by the Buckeye loss to the Badgers that I can't bring myself to feature another sports-related photo right now.  However, I commit to finish out the fall sports series with one more post in a few weeks at which time I will show a series of different college and pro offerings from the football field to the basketball court. After all, the Cavs will have their season opener soon in YAL (the year after LeBron) time.  So stay tuned.

But, today is about Food and Commercial Wallpaper applications.  Within the last week, Gary and I had the pleasure of a shared meal at Li Wah, one of Cleveland's best Chinese restaurants.  The owner, Donna Hom, recently visited U.S. Wallcovering to select a wallpaper for her new restaurant venture scheduled to open shortly in the Asia Plaza on Payne Avenue in Cleveland.  And, we returned the compliment by visiting Li Wah for a scrumptious meal. If you live within driving distance, it is worth the drive in order to sample some of Li Wah's truly fabulous dim sum offered on Saturday and Sunday.  The 12 chefs are kept busy creating authentic dishes that span the food gamut from subtle and sublime to fiery and exotic.  Our sampling, which included some dim sum dishes, is featured in the photo below.

Gary, Donna and me
The new restaurant, to be called E. 30th Cafe, will be opening shortly and will feature a neutral palette to match the wallpaper used in Li Wah.  Note on the photo below how the beige-sand tones serve as the perfect background for oriental art.  The wallpaper adds warmth and dimension without competing for your attention.  It is picture perfect.
A welcoming table at Li Wah
Within the wallcovering world, there is a range of products with different dimensions and specifications.  Typically, wallpaper slated for use in a commercial establishment is fire-retardent and many 'commercial' grade papers are offered in 54" widths.  Commercial grade papers are made of sturdy materials and are offered in an array of styles and colors although typically the designs are more textured in nature and feature monochromatic (single color) palettes.  The over all effect can be very soothing and lends itself to a study, a play room, a rec room or a photo gallery space.  The extra wide rolls minimize the number of seams and the durable nature of the product is perfect for covering wall imperfections.

Check out Li Wah at http://liwahrestaurant.com

Dim Sum Yum Yum

The flavor is oh so fine
Good enough for a foody plus nine

And what of the look so well
It's so perfect you could hardly tell

That on the walls there is a neutral paper base
Designed to keep you calm and not your meal race

For wallpaper and good Chinese food
Combine to create just the right mood

To send your spirits soaring high
And the compliments coming bye the bye

October 7, 2010

GO Ohio State Buckeyes

If you are an Ohio State Buckeye fan, this is your time.

Even as baseball winds down to a World Series finish, football is heating up with many college teams, including the Ohio State Buckeyes who are enjoying a 5-0 record. Although there are many football and other sports borders and decals available, this week's blog will focus on Ohio State offerings.  The Ohio State University has always been a football powerhouse drawing fans from throughout the state of Ohio and there are many borders and decals to choose from and many ways to use them.  In addition to traditional uses on your walls think of placing them on refrigerators, books, desks, a t-shirt, your car window, etc. You get the idea.  The applications are limitless.

So to whet your appetite I am featuring some of our favorite Ohio State offerings.  Check out the images and select your favorite.

The decal sheet to the right offers something for everyone--football helmets and a basketball--we call this a two-fer.

Think of THE song, Snoopy, as you view the images and think Big Ten football and 100,000 in-stadium viewers with thousands more tailgating on the stadium perimeter.  With the right application of decals or borders you could be the hit of the crowd.  Be creative and send your most inventive pictures to uswallcoveirng@yahoo.com.  We promise to post them on our blog.
Some fun logo examples are featured to the left.

Let me know if you would like to see more Ohio State materials.  There are at least five different Ohio State borders available.  You can check them out at uswallcoveringonline.com.  And, while we're on the subject of sports team borders, it is hard to believe,  but there is not a border available for the Cleveland Browns. So, if you would like to see one manufactured, just drop us a note at uswallcovering@yahoo.com.  We will then use the response to encourage manufacturers to produce a Browns border.

We had so many requests for information about who we are that we updated our About Us page.  Click Here to be taken directly to the page where you can check out our handsome owner and learn about Ohio's most complete wallpaper store.

Ohio State Buckeye Blast

It's time for the Buckeye blast
Fasten your seat belts and hold on fast

Ohio's favorite team is now rated #2
But they are the best no matter what they do

Poised and ready for yet another BCS run
They won't rest until their work is done

And, they sit on top of the #1 throne
They are not content with just any other bone