April 21, 2011

Wallpaper Used Creatively

Wallpaper offers a simple and cost effective way to change a room's look or vibe.  But, a new trend is to use wallpaper in specific ways as a dramatic accent.  It can be used for a single wall or as a filler between molding strips instead of a picture.  Or, use it for scrap booking or craft projects, to wallpaper a doll house or a dresser or a door, or as a backdrop for a photograph--the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The following photographs offer real life examples of how the same wallpaper pattern can be used effectively in different ways in very different settings.  The first photo illustrates a sliding bedroom door covered in a golden hued fleurs-de-lis pattern.  Note the border pattern above the door and at chair rail height as well. In the second photo, the same paper is used beneath a chair rail going up a double staircase in a contemporary take on a traditional home.  In both cases, the effect is striking and noteworthy.  

So, give some thought as to how you can make a dramatic wallpaper statement in your home.

Door Covered in Wallpaper

Wallpaper Creative

Wallpaper can change the look of a place
And make it seem like a different space

It doesn’t take much money or time
And is the perfect cover for muck and grime

So give some thought to what to change
Wallpaper offers you quite a range

From stripes and plaid to cloth of grass
It looks good with copper, silver and brass

Cover a dresser, door, floor or wall
And in the process, have yourself a ball

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