November 4, 2010

Sports Borders-Browns, Cavs, Nascar, Motorbikes

Took a week off and now I am back on track featuring some hard-to-find and much-in-demand sports borders.  This is the third in our Fall Sports Borders series.  We will resume the sports theme in the Spring. But for now, feast your eyes on these rare offerings.  The Browns border in particular is a real rarity and for Cleveland sports fans a true find.

For good measure, I also included a multi-sports border that features a football. soccer, basketball and baseball.  This border is unique in that it is a cut-out border adding even more interest to its appearance.  With the U.S.A. bidding to host a future World Cup, soccer is going to be a common theme so look for more soccer offerings in the future.

And. let's not forget the fastest rising sport of all--Nascar racing.  Check out the borders to the left and imagine how they could add the finishing touch to a den retreat or a teenager's study. A special added treat is the top border featuring classic cars of old on the European racing circuit.  Recognize those models?  Perfect for a classic car buff's lair.

Still on a sports theme, motorcycles can be raced but most often are a preferred means of alternative transportation.  These borders are as vivid as the machines themselves and I thought they were an apt choice to round out our Sports Borders Fall Series.  If you are into 'bikes' there are a number of other borders to choose from.  These are but a small sampling of what is out there.  

Since I am writing from Cleveland, Ohio, I would be remiss for not making a plug for the Cavs, without LeBron, and the Browns without any standout.  May they do well enough to keep the loyal Cleveland fans coming back for more.

All in the Game

 It is all in how we play
All in, come what may
Be it any of the 'b's or an 's'
At the end of the game,  say YES

We played our very best
So much better than the rest

And now we stand on the top
No one can say we were a flop


  1. I have never seen a Browns Border before. Glad to know one actually exists.

  2. Yes, I was really pleased to get my hands on this rare border. I have a very limited supply. When they are gone, they are gone. Go Browns!

  3. I placed my order Friday. It was just
    delivered. Today is Tuesday. Thank you so
    very much. My husband has been trying to
    find the Browns border for the longest time.
    I can't wait to see the look on his face when
    he gets home. Thank you. Thank you.