November 11, 2010

Cleveland Browns Border A Big Hit

It is virtually impossible to get Cleveland Browns wallpaper border.  We were lucky enough to get our hands on a limited supply.  And, with the Browns beating the odds and playing well, demand has sky-rocketed for the border commodity.  So, we are going to feature the border yet again and hope we can rejoice in another win this coming week-end against the Jets.  GO Browns.

We will be visiting the zoo soon and capturing some images of animal wallpaper and borders next to the real thing.  So stay tuned.  Wallpaper is Back and there are some amazing designs being offered in eco-friendly materials and manufactured in a very 'green' way.  In the next few weeks we will do an entire post devoted to the eco-aspects of wallpaper.

Ode to the Cleveland Browns

Browns are great so they say
Beating their opponents in a convincing way

Why not share in their new found glory
A border in your den will tell the story

Of a Cleveland team with heart and might
Too bad those uniforms are not a pretty sight

But orange and brown speak of Midwest moxie
With lots of skill and play-making foxy

1 comment:

  1. Finally those Browns have a QB worthy of the name. I may just have to get some of those borders and maybe use them on my car.