September 12, 2012

What is Grasscloth Wallpaper?

Grasscloth -  is an environmentally friendly way to add natural texture and beauty to your walls. Grasscloth is made by weaving sustainable grasses and fibers together. The result is an organic material that is naturally free of toxic substances and is manufactured in an ecologically sound way. When you add grasscloth to your decor you are not only making a fashion statement but also sending a clear message about your commitment to the environment. And, because it is a natural product, grasscloth is 'an original'--no two patterns are alike. Ranging from dense texture to line-like finishes and from off-white to soft beige (the most traditional grasscloth color) to dynamic jewel tones to bold primary colors and everything in between, there is something for every decor, every taste, every budget.

With Grasscloths' variety of heavy textures and colors, you can create the perfect atmosphere. It is relatively easy to apply and because of its density, it can hide holes left by thumbtacks and picture hooks and other wall imperfections that might be visible with less textured alternatives.

Grasscloth used to be the 'it' wallcovering a number of years ago. The new emphasis on non-toxic elements for the home and the heightened awareness of the environmental cost of petroleum-based manufacturing procedures have combined to create a resurgence in the use of this stunning natural product that visually warms any space. Why not take a home inventory and imagine the opportunities for a grasscloth makover.

And, to help get you started, here are a few ways you can use Grasscloth in your home...

             Entryway                                    Accent Walls

       Kitchen Accents                             Bathroom Details

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  1. I just saw grasscloth wallpaper at a family member's house. It was so calming and really brought the outdoors in! Maybe I'll incorporate some into my home decorating in 2013!!!