August 7, 2011


When it comes to wallcovering, DISNEY is always a big draw.

In our last blog posting we featured animal print borders and now as a follow-up, we are pleased to feature some of your favorite Disney characters.  Another form of animals you might say--one that shows animals as friendly interactive, almost human-like creatures.  So scroll on down and enjoy a gallery of Disney characters as they cavort in the forest, swim in the ocean or fly through the galaxy.  All for your viewing pleasure.

Winnie the Pooh Who

Who you might ask is Winnie the Pooh
He is a bear, what else is new

And Nemo in the deep sea blue
Those cute sharks cause you to coo
Buzz flies through the sky as not many can do
Count him among the very lucky few

Cinderella is a beauty for every prince to woo
She can even cause a cow to moo

Mickey is mighty and holds the glue
To all Disney characters, even Roo

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