March 24, 2011

Wallpaper Creative

In the last blog posting, we interviewed Gary Levine, a lifelong student of the ways of wallpaper and the current President of U.S. Wallcovering.  Over the past 60 years ( I know, he doesn't look THAT old),
Gary Levine, President, USW
Gary has studied new wallpaper hanging techniques and has become proficient in many aspects of the wallcovering industry.  Along the way, he has led seminars and workshops for thousands of people on the 'Best Way to Achieve a Perfect Wallpaper Installation'. 
There are 5 Super Technique Pointers that Gary would like to share with all readers:
1.  Don't use a seam roller
2.  Use activator, even for pre-pasted product
3.  'Book' wallpaper for 7-10 minutes
4.  Start hanging opposite the entrance to a room
5.  Use water boxes for borders, not for wallpaper
If you would like to have an explanation on any of these points, just drop us a line at and we'll provide further details.

Creative Uses of Wallpaper

Wallpaper is not just for hanging on walls. Below is a listing of some of the more creative ways to apply wallpaper.
  • Cover a refrigerator using adhesive-backed magnets
  • Cover the back of a curio cabinet
  • Cover the back of bookcases
  • Cover a closet door (see photo below)
  • Cover a portion of a cupboard door and surround with molding
  • Use as a back-drop for a photograph--large or small
  • Cover glass mirrors or place decals on windows
  • Use as an accent wall 
  • Use in lieu of a painting
  • Apply to a ceiling
Example of sliding closet door covered with the same pattern as on the adjacent wall

Wallpaper Creative

You have a chance to make a change
In many ways and a very broad range

From closets to bookcases and even a frig
The use of wallpaper can be a bridge

From the simple to the simply spectacular
No matter what the plan or the vernacular

Whether stripes or clouds or checkered plaid
Wallpaper lifts your spirits and reduces the bad

It also can change the look or feel of a space
For this, one could make a very good case

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